What we do.

At Flow Mechanical, we design, build & market instruments for myofascial release & strengthening. Our goal is to amplify emerging fitness and healing modalities, innovating within the space between.

Our Story

After years of filling sketch notebooks with inventions, exploring healing modalities of all types, and a constant curiosity about all things wellness and technology related, Flow Mechanical was just a matter of time for Founder Matthew Cannon.

An impactful ankle injury at age 21 set him on a path of healing which included 3 surgeries, months on crutches and walking boots, and a desire to improve the recovery process for those experiencing similar pain & lifestyle adjustments.

After his third ankle surgery in 2022, Matt discovered Human Garage —an organization who has developed a movement philosophy called, "fascial maneuvers" to empower individuals to heal themselves. After experiencing a supercharged recovery and opening up of his body through their educational programs, he decided to pursue his lifelong dream of inventing tools for wellness, fascial unwinding and better health for all those suffering.

Flow Mechanical's initial focus will be on developing fascial release tools, with future visions of new types of fitness products, environmentally friendly innovations and inventions to make life a little more fun and fluid.