We Create Tools for Fascial Wellness

Combining the latest understandings of physiology, psychology, and manufacturing technology; our goal is to amplify emerging fitness, wellness, and healing modalities, innovating within the potent places between.

Our Story

Flow Mechanical was borne of an answered call to adventure—in the spirit of healing.

In November of 2022, Founder Matt Cannon flew to Cancun on 48 hour notice to attend a Human Garage workshop on the emerging Fascial Maneuvers modality.
A life-changing week later, he was committed to training & eventually teaching the modality. A longtime product designer, he also had a notebook full of sketches for fascial release products and inventions to support this new embodied fascial knowledge.

When he returned home he contacted his longtime design & manufacturing partners at CAD and set to work building prototypes and fine-tuning the designs over the following year.

Over the following months, Matt experienced a transformation unlike any other. He recognized the capabilities of the human body to heal with his own two hands and was more inspired than ever to create tools to aid in this process.

Over the summer of 2023, over 70 prototype tools were created as Matt learned to craft, cut, glue and mold; always the active experimenter with his own tools and learning more about fascia every day.

By Winter 2023, the final design of the Fascial Flow Band was decided upon, and it currently in production!

Founder Bio

While Founder Matthew Cannon is best known for his role of CGO at Music Tech company, "Jamstik", he is perhaps most experienced as a human being who's dealt with a lot of pain and sought novel ways to get out of it.

Following a catastrophic ankle injury at the age of 21, chronic pain cycles led to depression, poor health habits, and these to greater inflammation and pain.

Somewhere along the way he began to see his limited ankle as a blessing; a barometer of overall health and guidepost to find new ways of healing.

When the pandemic hit in 2020, Matt viewed it as a wakeup call to do everything he could to focus on health and wellness. This led him to attend a plant medicine retreat the following year in Costa Rica, where he experienced a brief altered-state of being completely pain free for the first time in his life.

He knew at that moment that it was possible for him to reclaim power over the injured ankle and live a full pain-free life, and set out to find a way to do just that.

His third ankle surgery in July 2022 to remove the last group of 7 titanium screws holding his ankle together helped clear the way, but it wasn't until Matt found the Human Garage organization that he truly knew he had found the answer to his prayers.

My Transformation

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