What happened to the V-Band™?

While we feel the intially titled: V-Band or, "Vitruvian Band" will someday become a category of its own,
It was decided that marketing our first product as the, "fascial flow™ band" under the Fascianative brand would help tell the story of fascia and it's emerging importance in the most co-creative way.

It also clarifies Flow Mechanical as an innovation company as we create specific brand support around our products. Names aside, the same ethos of the V-Band applies to the fascial flow™ band.

It's an instrument designed to open you up to your fullest expression through an understanding of how to optimize your fascial matrix. We are stoked to guide you through that process at fascianative.com

Not so secretly, we've got drawings for the evolved Vitruvian Band scattered around the workshop & if you want to be an OG on the waitlist for this, "someday" product, sign up below.