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The Vitruvian Band or "V-Band" is a 36'' variable resistance band featuring plenty of stretch, grip, and versatility. It is designed for postural alignment, functional fitness, and fascial release. 

Key Features:

  • Made from a single piece of high-strength silicone.
  • Ergonomic handles require no gripping or clenching
  • Unique, "Wave Harmonic" acupressure pattern. 

Shipping: Summer 2024
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  • Posture Correction

    The V-Band offers a gentle opposing force to retrain correct posture and open the body up.

  • Mobility Training

    Provides an infinite variety of light resistance to improve mobility, strength and proprioception.

  • Fascial Release

    The V-Band's adaptive stretch & gripping texture is a perfect aid for fascial unwinding & alignment.

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V = Versatile

The V-Band offers variable resistance, bi-directional tension, and unmatched grip for myofascial release.

It weighs just half a pound and folds to fit any backpack, briefcase, or carry-on.


What is Fascia?

The connective tissue that surrounds our muscles, organs, and entire bodies. It can be as flexible as silicone and as strong as tensile steel. New research is beginning to reveal the integral part fascia plays in our ability to feel good & participate in life.

What are the benefits of opening up the fascia?

Opening up the fascia can get us out of pain, activating the body's natural healing and growth processes. You'll feel better, move better, and be less stressed. The V-Band aims to improve your range of motion, increase functional strength, and make fascial maneuvers more accessible.

How strong is the band?

Strong enough to last a lifetime under normal use constraints. Avoid sharp objects to prevent nicks or tears. This band is not rated like a resistance band, but the break force necessary to snap is over 100lbs.

Why is it called the V-Band?

The V is short for Vitruvian; a nod to the famous Da Vinci sketch by the same name. Vitruvian man represents a human being fully expressed & containing proportions aligned with nature and the greater universe.

What are the risks & challenges of a pre-order?

The Intention

"I set out to create a simple, portable design for light exercise, fascial release and flow. To amplify emerging movement philosophies and healing modalities so we can open up to our fullest expressions.

I am proud to share this first iteration V-Band and invite you into an evolving conversation about where this product line goes next."

-Matt - Founder & CEO

Pre-Order Launching Soon

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